• June 15, 2016

    Shiner introduced its first food supplement product F-Ginseng ODF 50mg to the market. The product contains proven ingredients Rh2 and Rg3 where can only be found in wild mountain ginseng and red ginseng for improving immune system.

  • May. 1, 2016

    Shiner Pharmaceuticals research center is located in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Since Shiner RD center inception, employees have worked together to contribute to our mission of advancing patient care by developing better drugs to treat diseases.

  • Apr. 20 ,2016

    Shiner got license for construction of pharmaceutical plant in Jhunan Science Park.
    Construction is divided into two phases. The first phase construction is a 4 floor with basement building, and total floor area is around 12,000 square meters.

  • Mar. 7, 2016

    pms-Methylphenidate ER 18mg tablets received approval license for a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHA).

  • Dec. 7, 2015

    Phenbuty (Sodium Phenylbutyrate) 500mg tablets has been approved and granted with a 10-year market exclusive orphan drug license.
    It is indicated in patients with congenital urea cycle disorders(UCD) involving deficiencies of carbamylphosphate synthetase (CPS), ornithine transcarbamylase (OTC), or argininosuccinic acid synthetase (AS).

  • Jul. 20, 2015

    pms-Methylphenidate ER 36mg tablets received approval license for a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

  • Apr. 1, 2015

    Shiner Pharm received the approval from Hsinchu Science Park to set up manufacturing site for solid and suspension dosage form productions in Jhunan base.

  • Mar. 4, 2015

    L-Carnit “Shiner” (Levocarnitine) Injection 1g/5ml has been approved with an orphan drug license for the acute and chronic treatment of patients with an inborn error of metabolism which results in secondary carnitine deficiency.

  • Jan. 1, 2015

    Shilifil® (Sildenafil) 100mg tablet has been brought to the market for the indication of erectile dysfunction.

  • Apr. 25, 2014

    GelX®, Shiner’s first medical device has been granted a class 1 license.

  • Jun. 3, 2013

    Shiner launched its first in-license distribution product Reosteo® (Risedroante Sodium) 35mg-once-weekly tablet from Canada in June. Risedroante is classified as one of the first-line treatment and prevention for postmenopausal osteoporosis.

  • May 10, 2013

    Shiner has received letter of approval from TFDA for Haxasin® (Doxazosin) XL Tablets 4mg and Pantopro® (Panoprazole) Gastro-Resistant Tablets 40mg. Haxasin® is an α1-selective alpha blocker with its sustained-released mechanism used for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Hypertension treatment. Pantopro® is safety of Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI) and has shown high efficacy on Gastric ulcer, Duodenal ulcer and Helicobacter pylori treatment.

  • Apr. 10, 2013

    Shiner has concluded the confidential due diligence process and signed an option agreement to market a novel HIV drug with an Australian biotechnology company.

  • Nov. 30, 2012

    Shiner has received approval from TFDA for 35mg once-a-week Reosteo® (Risedronate). Risedronate is a medication of choice for osteoporosis and its launch provides an additional treatment option for physicians and their patients in Taiwan.

  • Jun. 20, 2011

    Shiner signs an exclusive Licence, Supply and Distribution Agreement for an oncology product with a company located in Asia.

  • Apr. 22, 2011

    Shiner receives registrational approval on its first in-house developed drug, Hanlosin, by Taiwan FDA. Hanlosin is an oral-disintegrating alpha-1 blocking agent used for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

  • Mar. 07, 2011

    Shiner signs an exclusive Licence, Supply and Distribution Agreement for an endocrinology product with Pharmascience, a Canadian-based company.

  • Feb. 15, 2011

    Shiner Pharm Corp. officially built up its entity as a privately research-based pharmaceutical company with focusing on developing niche drugs for medical needs.